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Physique Pilates Adelaide | FAQs

How many sessions per week? We recommend you attend 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks! You will notice the difference whether your goal is reducing pain, toning up or flexibility. Joseph Pilates was noted to say: “10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, 20 sessions others will notice the difference, 30 sessions you will have a whole new body!”

Do I need an Assessment? If you have injuries/sore bits or want to claim physio health fund rebates, you need to start with an initial physio assessment(physio claim no:T500) where we go through breathing, core activation and your injury/pain history. Then you are prepared to go into an Introductory class.

When can I start Intermediate Classes? We recommend you start with the Introductory classes, to get the hang of breathing, core activation and introduce you to the different small apparatus. After a 1-3 sessions you can move into a Core/Stretch/Release(CSR) class: perfect for those of us wanting to release sore muscles, work on flexibility and posture but challenge your core and glute strength. After 5 sessions you can join an Intermediate class: for a challenging all over body workout! To lengthen and tone up muscles, improve posture and feel great!

What is the Cancellation Policy? If you can’t make class, please contact us(email/phone/app) and we can cancel it for you(we prefer 24hrs, less than 18hrs the class is forfeited).

Can I claim on my Health Fund? All classes are claimable under Pilates(called Living Well by BUPA) and selected classes under Physio Group Classes(T560, when class taught/supervised by a physio) please talk to health fund about your level cover and what you are covered for. Receipts can be requested at the end of each pack, which details instructor provider numbers/class times and dates for health fund rebate.

How can I Book?
Advance Booking in Studio: For the best results, find a class that works and stick to it, we can book you regularly into a class for the no. of sessions in your pack.
Computer: If you would like to purchase a class or book in, please use our ONLINE BOOKING system.
Mobile Device: You can also book classes via your phone by downloading the Mindbody Connect app.

Phone: You can call us on 08 82328900, we aren’t always in the studio or are busy teaching classes, so will aim to get back to you within 24 hrs.

Private Pilates, Physiotherapy + Massage – Have any aches and pains that need attending to? Why not contact us and we will be happy to assist you in booking in for private one on one pilates session, massage or physio treatment.

New clients are very important to us. We deeply appreciate your willingness to try Physique Pilates and Physiotherapy and encourage you to visit our website or come see us in person.