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Current Clients use this link to Book in over your Computer Browser. If you are on a mobile device, please download free app, as the as the booking site sometimes doesn’t work on mobile devices.

Pilates for Improving Strength (Claiming Pilates Only)

If you don’t have any injuries or sore areas and want to do pilates for core strength, to tone up and improve posture, the best way to get started is with our $45 Introductory Two Week Trial.

START: We recommend you start with 4-5 Introductory classes, get the hang of the breathing and try out the different small appartus that we use.

MOVE TO: Then move into the Core/Stretch/Release for a slower pilates class with lots of muscles stretching and releasing and core work.

OR MOVE TO: Or move into the Intermediate class which is a faster Traditional Pilates class for toning, posture and core strength!


Pilates for Reducing Injuries & Pain (Claiming Physio & Pilates)

There are 3 reasons we need you to do a Physio Initial Assessment before starting group classes:

  1. CURRENT INJURIES/SORE BITS: If you have a history or currently have an injury/sore areas which will require variation or modification for in class.
  2. CLAIMING PHYSIO BENEFITS: All classes are claimable under Pilates using our pilates provider number and no assessment is required. But if you want to claim on Physio Group Classes(T560), for medico-legal reasons we need you to attend a Physio Initial Assessment(T500).
  3. BETTER CORE ACTIVATION: If you want to make sure you are doing pelvic floor activation and core activation correctly. We go through this in class, but it is always good to get one on one attention to ensure you 100% ‘get it’.

Best to start with the $123 Intro Assessment Pack, which includes the Intial Physio Assessment and the $45 Introductory Two week Trial. Click link above.