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Welcome to Physique Pilates Adelaide!

Small Group Classes + One on One Attention

Rollout your sore bits in the Core/Stretch/Release Class

Look + Feel Great with Us

Pre+Postnatal Pilates for Core Strength



Bored of your classes at the Physio?

Not getting any attention in big gym pilates classes?

  • Physique Pilates Adelaide has a maximum of 8 people in a each class
  • We are able to give you individual attention and variations where needed. This ensures maximum benefits and no injuries!
  • Our classes cater for all fitness and ability levels. We love helping office workers posture, for the more mature build muscle and bone density and to stretch and cross train cyclists and runners
  • We run classes 6 days a week, before work, during lunch, after work and Saturday mornings
  • Try 2 sessions a week and feel amazing with our affordable prices
  • We exclusively use the Pilates Stick, the bridge between studio and mat classes
  • Pilates & Physiotherapy health rebates available 

At Physique Pilates Adelaide we help you to get your body moving how it was designed to reduce pain, increase strength and flexibilty and get you looking great!

Client Testimonials

“Physique Pilates Adelaide caters for all ages and abilities, I look forward to my weekly stretch and muscle burn at Physique Pilates. At over 60, I am able to join in with all the exercises, even when some are a bit harder the instructors are able to give me a different variation, so i am always included and am getting challenged.”

Sally H, Retired Nurse

“I have been going to Physique Pilates Adelaide for about a year now and its part of my week that I really look forward to. I can only make one class a week and from doing this regularly I really notice a difference in my body and my posture. As someone who is not a ‘sporty’ type person I feel really comfortable with the options in class for easier and more challenging movements. Physique Pilates has improved my fitness and and helped with my greater physical well-being.”
Heather L, Cello Teacher

“Over the past 18 months, Physique Pilates Adelaide has greatly improved my posture, strength and general muscle tone. I have noticed a reduction in lower back pain and have increased flexibility and movement. Due to the positive results, both of my parents, my sister and a number of my friends are now attending classes as well and all have had similar positive experiences.”
Sally C, Architect